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Nordic Geometric Printed Rug

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New Arrival Nordic Geometric Printed Carpet Bedroom Bedside Sofa Floor Rug Hall Decor Soft Area Carpets Curve Plaid Large Rugs


Produc Name :1pcs Curve Plaid Large Rugs


Geometric Printed Large Rugs Size


Size:50 x 80 cm (19.68 in x 31.50 in)


Size:60 x 90 cm (23.62 in x 35.43 in)


Size:80 x 120 cm (31.50 in x 47.24 in)


Size:80 x 160 cm (31.50 in x 63 in)


Size:120 x 160 cm (47.24 in x 63 in)


Product features:Water and oil absorption, soft and comfortable, wear-resistant and non-slip


Scope of application:Kitchen, entrance door, entrance hall, bedroom, bathroom, etc.




1. Due to the limitation of logistics size, there will be some creases in the carpet, which will be evenly pressed under heavy objects when you receive it, and will recover in a few days.


2. If the received product has some peculiar smell, please put it in a ventilated place for ventilation, and the smell will disappear after a while.